CrossFit 1972’s mission is to support the men and women of the Torrance Police Department in forging a level of physical fitness and mental toughness commensurate with the challenges they may face in protecting the citizens of Torrance.


The physical requirements and potential risks inherent in the law enforcement profession are as demanding and dangerous as any sport.  In many regards, police officers are professional athletes. The physical preparedness required to complete the job successfully and safely often surpass that of other sports. Police officers frequently face the unknown and unknowable.  They are placed in dangerous situations in which their lives and the lives of the community are in peril. The dynamic and physical nature of these encounters require an extremely  broad and inclusive degree of physical fitness and mental preparation.


Despite the requisites of the law enforcement profession, very few police departments require adherence to a physical fitness standard and even fewer offer their personnel any formal fitness instruction after police academy graduation.


In the “sport” of public safety and law enforcement, physical fitness may indeed be one of the most important assets an officer has at their disposal. CrossFit 1972’s focus is on teaching fitness skills that are directly applicable to the demands of the job.  Additionally, CrossFit 1972 takes a holistic view of public safety professional’s well being.  Our desire is to offer instruction and guidance in not only exercise technique and fitness programming, but also officer wellness, nutrition, mental strength and advanced skill development to support our personnel for the duration of their careers and beyond. 



In addition to our commitment to health and fitness, CrossFit 1972 is dedicated to our community.  We are deeply rooted in the principle of service to others and believe strongly in the value of establishing meaningful connections with those we serve. CrossFit 1972 will continually strive to forge ties with our citizens through participation in and organization of community events.  The camaraderie and community aspects of CrossFit are some of our greatest strengths.


We are committed to advancing a culture of physical fitness, well being, community and camaraderie in the law enforcement profession and bringing that to the men and women who protect Torrance.